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An experience that believes it can foster an inclusive world where individuals can connect, collaborate, and draw inspiration from one another.

WHAT the people say?

"The Superbowl of College Parties"
"I never raged so hard in my life #zupit"
"I Survived Project ZuWorld"
"I found the love of my life at Project ZuWorld"
"I feel so comfortable at Proejct ZuWorld"
"Project ZuWorld has the baddest women"
"I can't believe I won a scholarship at a party"
"I finally got to meet the ZuAngels"
"If it wasn't for project zuworld, I would've dropped out"
"Project ZuWorld is the ONE event I always look forward to every month"


who is project zuworld for?

The young adults who work hard day and night to put food on the table and want that one night to let loose
To let go of their social anxoety and insecurities and meet new people
For the fans of underground rap and DMV Crank 
For the people who dress up and want pitcures to post on IG
For the people who want to party in a safe environment
For the people that want to make the most out of this decade in life

So are you ready to experince project zuworld?

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