Welcome to
ZuWorld Media, LLC.

What is "ZuWorld Media"?

ZuWorld Media a multi-media company based in Richmond, Virginia founded by Zuri Washington also known as "ZuriTheArtist" in 2021.
ZuWorld Media specializes in Podcasting, Videography, and Events.

ZuWorld Media has two sides: content and services.


If you find yourself needing help with growing your small business through digital marking, ZuWorld Media is here to produce the most effective promotional videos, recaps, or photoshoots, for you.  

If you find yourself needing a new podcast or web-series that will make you laugh, cry, or learn: ZuWorld Media has a variety of podcast shows that will give you that fix you've been missing. 

ZuWorld looks forward to working with you!

- Zuri Washington (Founder/CEO)

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The Launching of ZuWorld Media