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Wait, what even is "ZuCast"?

ZuCast is a pop-culture podcast hosted by ZuriTheArtist, with topics about music, entertainment, sports, politics, college, being Black in America, etc...

ZuCast has interviewed some of the hottest rappers to come out of Richmond, Virginia such as

Michael Millions, Luh Kiddo, Smyth Knight, and many more.
Not only do we interview rappers, but we also converse with all types of different artists, athletes, and activists in and outside of the Richmond area.

ZuCast plans to continue to expand and become one of the best podcast to ever do it!

New Episodes weekly which are available on YouTube, Apple Podcast, and Spotify. 

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Are you interested in being the NEXT special guest on ZuCast?

ZuCast is always looking for fresh faces to be featured on the show. This is your time to shine!
Go to the Google Forum down below, fill out the short 8 questions, and keep your eye on your email.

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